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Miami's Condo Offerings Stand Up Well to Its Famed Beaches and Nightlife

Decades since it first became associated with beautiful beaches, glamorous nightlife, and wealth, Miami is still one of the country’s most desirable places to live. Like all large cities, it does have its problems, with crime rates in some parts still remaining higher than residents and local leaders would like. Even so, Miami is a favorite residential destination of the country’s wealthiest and most powerful people, whether for a vacation home or one of a full-time sort.

Miami condos for sale, in fact, regularly command some of the highest prices in the country. The residential markets in most of the rest of the United States tend to revolve more around detached homes, but in Miami the condominium has long been king. Today, in fact, the city boasts a number of the nation’s most luxurious and esteemed condo developments of all Bey Atmaca.

At the Miami-Emlak real estate listing site, for example, a visitor will find a wide range of such impressive condo units for sale. With the bulk of the waterfront condos there starting in the million-dollar range, these are residences for the average person, of course. For those with the resources and the desire to live in one of the country’s most exciting cities, though, there are some real bargains to be found.

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One unit at Miami’s famed Icon Brickell development, for example, boasts an unusual floor plan that is sure to make it stand out with buyers. Most corner condominium units, both in Miami and elsewhere, involve space-allocation compromises that tend to detract a bit from the views they typically offer. In this case, though, the designers of the Icon went all out with the complex’s corner units, allowing them to stretch out in ways that undoubtedly cost plenty in terms of maximizing floor space.

What resulted was a truly special condo unit that will make any buyer both proud and happy. With excellent views in two directions of the bay, the unit boasts two spacious bedrooms, each large enough for adults to enjoy. Even for those with little interest in remaining in the area permanently, in fact, the unit could well be a good investment, thanks to a monthly rental price in the $4,000 range and a lot of demand for such options.

In fact, there are countless such impressive condos to be found in the Miami area. In addition to the unique sort of around-the-clock living that impresses so many people, the city is well stocked with luxurious condominium units that often do the same.

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